Elsebeth Egholm is one of the most popular crime writers in Denmark. She lives and works in Aarhus, Denmarks second city where also most of her books take place.

Elsebeth’s first love was the piano, and she studied for four years at the conservatory of Music in Aarhus before going into journalism. She took a degree from the School of Journalism and worked for a number of years at the newspaper Berlingske Tidende in Copenhagen before becoming a freelance journalist/writer. In the Maltese island of Gozo she met her future husband, British thriller writer A. J. Quinnell with whom she spent fifteen years sharing time between Gozo and Denmark. A. J. Quinnel passed away in 2005.

Elsebeth is the author of the books behind the successful Danish crimes series Dicte. She was also one of the architects of the tv-series ‘Those who kill.’ She is currently working on a new series with the GP Rina Svane-Dissing. Elsebeth describes this new protagonist as a ’superhero without super natural abilities.’ At night Rina transforms herself into the anonymous street artist, Private Eye, who climbs tall buildings to put up her art. Together with police investigator Helge Stanek she tries to keep Aarhus safe.

Elsebeth lives in Aarhus with her partner Jürgen Klahn and the Labrador Django.

Portræt af Elsebeth Egholm 2024

Elsebeth Egholm,  1960

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